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Sparkin' STEM 2021


Sparkin' STEM a été présentés pour la deuxième fois en novembre 2019, et on peut dire que nous avons certainement progressé dans la bonne direction pour inciter les enfants à explorer et à s’intéresser au monde des STIM. En 2019, au centre ville de Brampton, 120 participants de partout dans le GTA se sont penchés dans le monde des STIM au moyen de divers ateliers interactifs et d’activités pratiques.


Forensic Face-Off 

Forensic Face-Off, held on August 5th 2021, was a 2-hour event focusing on the attempted murder of business entrepreneur, Castillo. Participants put their detective skills to the test by learning and engaging in a realistic simulation of a forensics case. 


The event had 5 workshops each which helped participants to narrow down their list of 5 suspects, and prosecute the criminal. The workshops focused on fingerprint analysing, blood type sequencing, etc! There were a total of 3 crime scenes in which participants looked for clues, and learned how to apply science/math skills to the real world. Overall, the event was a blast and the hard work from the Sparkin’ STEM executive team paid off!


Forensics Face-Off's Impact:

  • 36 Participants

  • 60 Total Executive members and participants involved

  • Prize value = $125 ( With certificates given out to participants)

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Franco STIM Recap

The grade 7-8 students at Jeunes Sans Frontières had the opportunity to participate in our program, Franco-STIM. Two exciting workshops were attended by 45 students, of whom 24 were girls. 


An engaging math murder mystery workshop was presented to students in seventh grade. Students were put in groups of 5-6 to solve a series of math clues and solve the murder mystery. Furthermore, eighth grade students had the opportunity to learn about mitosis and cancer cells in an engaging and interactive way. 


Thank you to Jeunes Sans Frontières, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, and all the students who took part to make this program such a success!

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Annual Conference

November Conference.png

The final event of the 2021 year was the annual Sparkin’ STEM conference. This initative was a 3 hour event held on November 27th, 2021. The Sparkin STEM executive team worked tirelessly to plan and execute the event, and make this initiative the biggest yet. The hard work all paid off because the event was a huge success!

This conference tied in the theme of exploration by having attendees travel back in time to various eras in order to complete 5 interactive missions. These missions were focused around the topic of STEAM. 

In the Jurassic era students focused on science by observing different dinosaurs and their evolution through time. In the 7th century BC, students used ancient Greek math numerals to decode a math mystery. In the 9th century, students used the Minecraft to plan, design, and build Viking boats to test their engineering skills. In the 1800s, students channeled their inner Van-Gogh to recreate the famous Starry Night painting. Finally, in the 1990s students focused on how technology had advanced our world by creating an animation of their own using Scratch block-coding. 

Conference Impact:

  • 49 Participants and Volunteers

  • 20 Executives

  • Prize value = $110+ (with certificates given out to participants)